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Welcome to the Flock, Alex!

Many years ago my mother had a subscription to Bird Talk magazine. One day, she was sorting through a stack of them and I happened to see the cover of the issue on the top of the pile. I said “oh-my-gosh, that is the most beautiful bird I have ever seen”. Neither of us could identify the bold black head broken by streaks of yellow, turquoise chest and maroon tummy of this striking parrot. After a bit of time searching the magazine and online, we discovered similar images and, finally, a species name: Blue-Throated Conure.

Now, we had a pet Green-Cheeked Conure at the time, and my mother was starting to build a stock of Green-Cheeks for breeding purposes, so I was familiar with conures, in general, however knew that each sub-species had its own unique set of personality traits. I researched Blue-Throats for a short while, learning that they were a little bit larger than the average Green-Cheek, and sweeter in personality. I was SO convinced this was the perfect bird for me.

But, there was one problem.

No matter how hard we searched, my mother and I had no success locating a breeder of Blue-Throats anywhere in Ontario. The search ended, and life moved on.

Fast-forward several years.

My mother got in-touch with a breeder of Indian Ringneck Parakeets, and purchased three (including one who was intended to breed and instead became my pet, “Ike”, but that’s a story for another day!).

Fast-forward 18 months.

I took over Welcome Wings Aviary in August, 2015. In order to expand the aviary, I purchased two more Indian Ringneck Parakeets in December, 2015. While sitting in the breeder’s living room comparing stories, he flipped his phone to a picture of….you guessed it… a Blue-Throated Conure. I recognized the species instantly, and looked up with big, round eyes: “Oh-my-gosh-you-breed-these?!?”IMG_1803 

Fast-forward another four months. On April 3, 2016, I brought home my baby boy, “Alex”. He quickly stole my heart with his playful antics, snuggly personality and tendency to follow me around the house. He exhibits typical conure behaviour in many ways, but is certainly quieter and more cuddly than any I have ever met. I am still getting to know this little fellow, and look forward to many years of happiness with him.


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