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Turquoisine Chicks Have Arrived!

There are some new faces at Welcome Wings Aviary!

Three baby Turquoisine Parakeets are currently being handfed and raised with tender care. Two of these cuties are already spoken for, however one remains available and would make a fabulous pet.

Turquoisines, or “Turks”, as they are often known, are sweet-natured, gentle family companions. They are very quiet, and thus are well suited to life in an apartment or condominium complex. Their brilliant colouring is truly a marvel to behold, especially when the sunlight shines on their feathers, bringing out the iridescent glow. These beauties are not common in pet stores and thus are one of the lesser-known species that exists. While some aviculturalists raise Turquoisines as aviary birds, I enjoy these little ones as pets and thus choose to hand-feeding all of my chicks from the age of 3-weeks-old. As pets they are calm and gentle companions.

If you are interested in owning one of these cuties, please contact us at 705-957-7200, or by email HERE.


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