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The Tipping Point

I have just rearranged a few cages to make way for the new kids moving in, this Thursday!  Tula and Lola, my opaline (a.k.a. pallid) blue Quaker babies will soon be meeting their future husbands Thomas and Levi (blue Quaker babies).

Baby Casey (pineapple green cheek Conure) will be arriving from Sunshine Aviaries in Woodstock.  Casey will be keeping me company in my office for awhile, so I can watch him grow big and strong!  He will be a daddy in my aviary in a couple years’ time.  So, say I.  I have fallen in love with him and am wondering if I should keep him as a pet, instead.  I have to pause to count my pet birds.  Excluding my daughter’s two, I have five of my own.  Not bad… there’s room for more in my heart!  Is there time in my day?

Getting a new pet of any kind is very exciting!  Just watching their movements, feeling their softness, and discovering their personality is awe-inspiring.  It is normal for the “honeymoon” phase to calm down, and for baby birds to grow into nippy, destructive teenagers.  This is the point at which, sadly, many birds find their way to sites such as Kijiji with captions that read… “don’t have time anymore…”

Like humans, parrots are very social creatures and need company to thrive.  They do not understand concepts such as grocery shopping, work, school, visiting…. things that take you and your family out of the house on a regular basis.  Cage toys are great, but they seldom play back.  When you choose your first bird, be certain to look into your crystal ball to ensure you will have time each day to love and play with and care for your companion.  If not, why are you getting him/her?

If you decide to add a second, third or fifth bird to your family, ask yourself the question, “Am I at the tipping point?”

Happy Thanksgiving!


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