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The Magic of The Internet

One of the great benefits of the internet is the ability to connect with people you never would otherwise have the chance to meet. Earlier this week I received an unexpected phone call from a lovely lady (we will call her “Jenny” for confidentiality purposes) who found this website while searching for information on budgies.

Long-story-short, Jenny’s son found a budgie outside in the Canadian winter while working as a contractor. The first miracle of the story is that the bird was alive in the frigid conditions. The second miracle is that the man was able to reach over and pick up the untame, fully flighted bird without it flying away. Perhaps it knew that it had found someone compassionate who would have it’s best interests at heart. At any rate, the man took the bird indoors until he was able to give it to his mother, a long-time bird-lover, but who had never had a pet bird of her own. After seeking the bird’s owner without success, Jenny found herself on the road to a bird specialty store near Waterloo where she picked up the basic supplies. Upon arriving home, Jenny was overwhelmed by the responsibility she had taken on so unexpectedly, but was determined to give this little bird the ultimate care, right from the beginning.

My mother, Lori, once bred budgies and I have chosen to leave information about them on this website. Jenny found me through the magic of the internet and an hour later I had armed her with as many tips as could come to mind. I could tell Jenny was growing increasingly excited as the conversation progressed — this is going to be one spoiled bird, exactly as it should be!

Although I may never hear from Jenny again, if, by chance, she finds me online once more I certainly hope that she sees how inspired I have been from this story of the kindness her family has shown to a creature so helpless. I wish Jenny all the best with her little companion. She is in for a wonderful experience of bird ownership.

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