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The Great Shuffle

With 40+ parrots in the house at any given time, we always have a surplus of cages.

Some cages are in storage for use with future babies who must learn how to navigate a “wire world” before being sent to new homes. Those cages are sensible to have in storage because there is a guaranteed purpose for them.

Then there are others that are simply…there. These are the cages that for whatever reason I simply cannot part with. I keep thinking to myself: “One of these days I am going to be glad I kept this very large cage blocking my basement staircase all these years.” Well, you can only keep empty cages around for so long before you really have no where to turn (literally…I can’t move in my basement!).

Well, today was the day of The Great Shuffle. It is New Year’s Day and the stores are closed, which left me little option but to sort through which cages are staying and which ones are leaving. One of the more sentimental ones is a medium-sized metal cage in which my mother housed her pet conure six years ago. The cage had a prominent place in the household, right at the top of the stairs to the second floor. On one side was a large window that let in plenty of natural light. On the other side was her office, such that she could leave the door open and see “Ricky” playing happily. Now that Ricky has joined our breeding program and moved in with his wife (he’s going to be a daddy in 2016!), his cage has sat empty for several years. It’s funny how humans get emotionally attached to inanimate objects, but I have finally realized it is time to give another family a chance to enjoy it. They will be picking it up tomorrow, along with a few other cages.

So, I am pleased to say that I now have room in my basement. The only problem? I now have some “pocket change” from having sold these cages and I’m not quite sure what to do with it…oh, right…buy more cages!

And so another year begins.

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