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Settling in nicely Elaine. Eating lots of seeds and the millet earlier today. Lots of poops. Tonight I offered some fruit, he picked out the apples first!
Hand fed blueberries and raspberries , which he liked better than the mango. Gone to bed now but still hear a few chirps. With the windows open he heard the birds outside. When cuddling before bed he flew away to about 6 feet away and when he couldn’t land on my plant plunked on the floor. He let me pick him up and we cuddled a bit more before I put him in his cage. He allows me to do head scrunches and rub his back. Did try to bite when hand feeding and had to blow in his face a couple times. He stopped right away. Thanks again for a great little bird!

Hi Elaine.

     I just wanted to let you know that Edward is doing great! He is a very happy, sweet bird!
     He is learning to eat his messy food in his small cage and when he goes into his small cage, he has learned that we go to a room to have fly and play time!
     He really is precious! He likes to listen to other birds on you tube and sometimes we watch birds as well. This weekend we are going to have some fun water time! He is a lot of fun!
     Thank you for raising such a little personality! I’ll be in touch when we learn more things!!!

Dear Elaine,

I just want to thank you so much for Milo. He is absolutely charming. I was so worried about him being stressed out for the car ride home but he just went to town on that millet for 3 hours and quietly explored the travel cage and preened for the rest.

While the baby love birds I have raised tend to hover and calculate their movements and path of travel while fledging, Milo flies without thinking of where he is going to land and it scares me! The first thing we did was give him a clip for his safety.

The first day he was pretty quiet and shy in realizing that he wasn’t in a familiar environment. Day 2 he burbled to me while I sat and ate breakfast next to his cage. I am being patient with him and waiting for him to warm up to me and come out to me on his terms but it is so difficult because all I want to do is scoop him up and love him!

I am so thrilled with him, he might just end up being my savvy little companion.

I had originally wanted a cobalt female as a companion and later on to choose a breeding pair. As it so happened, like many things in life, Milo became my unexpected chick. He is a lot darker than I expected, more like a cobalt with a light wash of turquoise. I had seen a marine linnie many years ago and he was very light turquoise, like a robin’s egg, and thus I preferred the darker cobalt. Milo is just that perfect in between.

I would like to share the joy of linnies with others. I will never forget the first cobalt linnie I ever met and how sweet he was just burbling and whistling away with the most wonderfully social disposition.

-Kerry (Ottawa, ON)

Hi Elaine,

I hope this message finds you well. Kiwi is now almost 6 months old, and has become my best little buddy. He is so very friendly with anyone who comes to our home that he takes them by surprise with landings on their heads or shoulders.He has a wonderful personality mixed with his own ideas, affection, and a lot of antics. A little bird with a big personality. He has also started to talk in the last few days, and is almost potty trained to go before he comes out of his cage.  Very smart ! Elaine, you did a wonderful job hand  raising him and I’ve recommended you to my bird loving friends. Have a happy and safe Christmas, and all the best in 2018.
Kind regards,
Robin & Kiwi.

Hi Elaine,

Well it’s been a little over a month since I picked Mango up  and everything is going great! He is so affectionate and is always excited to see me when I come home. Someone once told me that birds are little people in a bird body and boy is that true! He has a big personality and he is soooo smart! He is already mimicking a song but only sings when I leave the room lol. He loves head scritches and will nudge my finger if I stop. I am so in love with this little guy!

Ps.I have attached some pics for you!

Thank you!

-Laura (Newmarket, ON)

He is so sweet! He is very cuddly, he was on my daughter’s shoulder snuggling into her neck.  You picked a perfect bird for us, thank you!  I will send you pics sometime soon! 🙂

-Jennifer & Family


Can’t say enough good things about Elaine and her birds. We had a wonderful experience coming to meet our baby and are more than satisfied with our purchase. He is all around wonderful, calm and sweet and fits in perfectly with our family. The addition that Elaine has taken the time to ensure he travels well is a life saver. I can tell you with certainty, as someone who had kept birds for almost 25 years that Elaine spends ample time handling snd socializing her birds and introducing them to a healthy variety of fresh foods or otherwise. He is easy to handle (even my four year old sits with him and pets him and she used to be afraid of birds) and he easts everything we put in front of him. I would with one hundred percent confidence recommend her to anyone looking for a lovely companion or healthy sturdy breeding bird as his condition is also beyond excellent.

-Vanessa, Toronto, ON


“We purchased Blue from you in December of 2015 and she is a total joy to have around. We taught her to say “come here” and she happily sits on our shoulders as we do things in the house.”


Hi Lori, I just thought I’d let you know that “Jax” our beautiful budgie is so friendly and comfortable with all of us. As soon as morning comes and I open his cage, he wants to stay out of his cage sitting on one of us playing around.Your website is excellent. I can see why you do what you do.

– Shelly & Family



From the pictures of your aviary and your website I can see your birds are lucky to have you!




I never really thought of birds making great pets until I met Lori. She has completely changed my outlook on this. I now have a beautiful budgie named Marvin who loves to play. Sometimes he is even too busy playing with his toys to come out to play with me, but when he does, he will sit on my shoulder and chatter away to me. Thanks for opening my eyes, Lori.

-Karrie Kerber (Peterborough, ON)



Congrats on a great site and breeding successes Lori! I’m so proud of your accomplishments! Bravo girl… Bravo!

-Jane Gillespie, Owner of Homestead Hatchery (Niagara-On-The-Lake)



LOVE the website… beautiful pics!!!! If only I lived closer, I’d be over for tea!!

-Julie Little (Woodstock, ON)



Thank-you Lori for our beautiful Parrotlet Skyla! She’s a beautiful, healthy, well socialized and VERY affectionate bird! We wanted a bird that we could hold and “cuddle” under our chins and Skyla is just what we wanted. 🙂 Thank-you Lori for Skyla and all your love and hard work! 🙂

-The Cowey Family