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Tame Adult for Sale!

On occasion, I do have adult birds available for sale. While everyone loves getting an 8-week-old baby, sometimes it is very rewarding to purchase an adult, as I have done the majority of training and taming for you, in advance.



Meet Sailor!

This little guy is 1.5 years of age, and very friendly. He is a DNA’d male, with a certificate to prove it!

He does talk a bit, and still has plenty of capacity to learn more vocabulary. The cutest thing he does is say “night, night!” when his cage cover goes on or the lights turn off.

Sailor was returned to me when his owner developed health problems and could no longer care for him. I agreed to find him an excellent home where he will be loved and enjoyed.

He is not aggressive and has been well socialized. He is not afraid of typical household sounds (i.e. vacuum cleaners, blenders, loud music), nor does he seem to fear my dog walking past his cage.

Sailor’s name can easily be changed if you wish, as he does not know how to say it. The name was given to him by his previous owner and seems to have stuck, at least for right now!

For more information, please contact me at 705-957-7200.



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