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So far, all good!

I woke up Heidi, and coaxed her out of her nestbox:  all three chicks were cuddled together, wriggling!  They have dark eyes, which indicates there won’t be any Lutino among them.  I suspect, therefore, the chicks likely will be turquoise (a.k.a. marine) and olive.

It is so exciting when the feathers come in!  At first, they are black because only the tips pierce through the skin and one would think the bird will be all black!  However, as the feathers grow longer, they begin to unfurl and a hint of colour emerges, such as green.  It takes much more time to figure out if the bird will be bright green or deep olive.  It takes a few weeks for the process to complete.

Right now, the chicks are pink-skinned with white fuzz!

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