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Snow Ready!

Winter has arrived and I am counting down the days until the new year of breeding baby birds!  The best part of Winter, in my opinion, is Spring!  I have been very busy cleaning cages and rearranging my aviary.  I am very, very excited about my blue Quakers… I have two pair… the gals are opaline blue and the guys are blue.  Lola and Levi, and Tula and Thomas are going to have beautiful babies!  Their conformation is lovely and their attitudes are excellent!  When I walk into the aviary the excitement is deafening… my Quakers quake, my Conures crow and my Meyers squeal with joy!  My four pair of Linnies “go nuts” simply because I bear food!

One of the dangers of breeding is one ends up with many pet birds!  I purchased a pineapple green cheek Conure, recently, as a future breeder bird.  Ha!  So much for THAT idea!  Baby Cassie has turned my heart to complete mush.  She now has a massive cage in my office although she spends most of her time riding around on my shoulder.

Emma, my Congo African Grey parrot is a daily joyful journey… but I will talk about her will be another day.  She is a princess who needs her own posting!



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