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Sales Policy

Birds are pets, not ornaments.  I hope you are here because you have read and researched what bird ownership entails, and are certain you want an avian companion in your life!

All babies at Welcome Wings Aviary are easy to handle and completely tame. Upon leaving our care, the bird’s personality will continue to be shaped by its new owner and will reflect the amount of appropriate handling it receives and the environment in which it lives. Your bird will give back to you at least as much heart as you put into her/him.

All buyers must be at least 18 years of age, or be accompanied by a parent/guardian who supports the decision to bring a bird into the home.

Welcome Wings Aviary reserves the right to refuse any sale for any reason.

Purchasing a Baby:

Babies will be sold once they are fully weaned.  Unweaned chicks (aged 14 days and older) may be held with a 50% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable, unless the bird becomes unavailable due to a problem at Welcome Wings Aviary. Once the bird is fully weaned, the buyer will be notified. From that exact date, the buyer will be allowed 7 days to pay the remaining 50% balance plus all applicable shipping or delivery charges, and arrange to receive the bird. Starting on the 8th day, Welcome Wings Aviary will charge a boarding fee of $10/day. On the 30th day, if the payment (including boarding fee) is still not made and no other arrangements are in place, the buyer forfeits their deposit and the bird will be sold to someone else.

For pricing information, please see the details of “My Flock” by species.

DNA gender testing is included in the price of all birds at Welcome Wings Aviary, with the exception of Parrotlets, who are a sexually dimorphic species (meaning I can tell the gender of each bird visually). Proof of the DNA test results will be available to the buyer upon pickup of their bird. An original copy of the DNA certificate may or may not be made available.

Welcome Wings Aviary does not sell unweaned birds; please do not ask.

Selection Process:

Welcome Wings Aviary reserves the right to select the bird best suited to each buyer. The buyer’s colour, sex and personality preferences are taken into account in the selection process. That is to say that a buyer with specific preferences (i.e. a blue male bird) that have been made clear, in writing, before the chicks have hatched reserves the right to refuse the bird Welcome Wings Aviary offers to them if those preferences are not met (i.e. if a green male bird, or a blue female bird were to be offered). In the event the buyer refuses the bird, their non-refundable deposit is withheld by Welcome Wings Aviary for the next available clutch.

The selection process I have in place is designed in fairness to all buyers, and also to the chicks. The problem with each buyer choosing their own chick is that the chicks behave differently in a 30-minute visit than they do on an daily basis. This means that someone looking for a bird with a calm, quiet personality can easily be misled by a chick who is behaving in such a manner at that particular moment, but is usually very rambunctious and exploratory. If the buyer “falls in love” and won’t accept another chick, I am now placing a chick in a home that does not fit their needs. The same is true of a buyer seeking a rambunctious chick, who may be overlooked because he/she is behaving in a calm manner during the brief visit.

Visiting The Aviary:

Visitors are welcome, by appointment, when chicks being hand-fed and are between 4-5 weeks of age. At this age, the chicks are quite active, have eyesight, and their feathers are in the early stages of development. If visitors plan to arrive at the time of a scheduled hand-feeding, they may watch this process (it is quite remarkable!), in addition to holding and petting the chicks. The hand-feeding times vary based on the ages of chicks, and even a day can make a difference in their schedule. For this reason, all scheduled hand-feeding times are subject to change without notice, and there is no guarantee visitors will be able to observe this process.
There are a few “rules” to keep in mind when visiting with the chicks:
1. Upon entry into my home, each member of the family will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly. Chicks do not have strong immune systems, and it is important we have clean hands when we handle them to avoid unnecessary germs entering their environment.
2. Visitors are asked to kindly remove their shoes upon entry, as the babies are housed in the kitchen f my personal home. Please plan to wear or bring a pair of socks, or slippers 🙂
3. This is a fun experience, and one to remember! Photography and videography are encouraged, however please kindly refrain from using a flash, in order to protect the chicks’ young eyesight.
5. The aviary representative will demonstrate safe handling practices that will ensure the comfort and security of the chicks. Visitors are asked to abide by these instructions at all times. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure children understand and follow the instructions. Visitors who refuse to handle the chicks using the methods shown will be asked to leave.
6. Everyone in the family is welcome to handle all of the chicks, however only one chick per person at a time, please. Parents/guardians will be asked to directly supervise children under the age of 10 years. Children may be asked to sit down while handling a bird, and may be given assistance from the aviary representative. This is for the safety of the chicks; thank you for understanding.
7. Visitors are not permitted to hand-feed the birds, however are welcome to watch and/or video-tape this process if their visit corresponds with a scheduled hand-feeding time (subject to change without notice.). Visitors are encouraged to ask questions about hand-feeding and its benefits to the chicks.
8. The visit is only with the chicks. No adult birds will be present, or made available for viewing. If no chicks are available for visiting, no visits will be scheduled at that time. Thank you for understanding!