Outside of Ontario (but within Canada) – Updated May 2022

I ship Nationwide (within Canada) to select major cities WestJet flies. The rate for shipping is $375+HST and includes the airline fees, the cost of a quality carrier, and my time/gasoline taking a full day off work to do a 5-hour round-trip drive to the airport on the day of the flight. Also included is extra time in advance of the flight spent socializing the bird with his/her carrier in advance of the trip (including taking him/her on short car rides ect. and using positive reinforcement to teach him that the carrier is a wonderful place to be!). Shipping fees are non-negotiable and are due in full before the flight is booked.

The cities I ship to include:

Halifax, NS

Charlottetown, PE

Montreal, QB

Winnipeg, MB

Regina, SK

Calgary, AB

Edmonton, AB

Vancouver, BC

Regretfully we do not ship to cities excluded from the above list.

I am well aware that other breeders may offer shipping for $100-$150 less than I charge. Most of these breeders live closer to the airport (turning a 5-hour drive (with current Ontario gasoline prices at $2/litre in May 2022) into a few minutes, and therefore not likely requiring a day off work to do it) and may not spend as much time socializing the bird with the carrier (one-on-one, several times daily in the week leading up to the flight). Buyers who do not see value in the quality of birds coming from our aviary, or in the reasons for the additional shipping charge we request, are welcome to look elsewhere. We truly do not profit from shipping — the expenses are just so high — but it is a service we want to continue to offer as an option.

Once again, shipping fees are non-negotiable, sorry.

Once the baby is fully weaned and ready to leave our aviary the available shipping dates and times from which you may choose are determined exclusively by the airline schedule. While we always aim to offer flights with arrival times convenient for you it simply isn’t always possible. You (or the designated adult you choose to appear on your behalf) may be required to pick up your baby early in the morning hours, during a weekday afternoon, on a weekend, or late in the evening. We do not plan the airline schedule….we just pass along the information and coordinate with you to the very best of our ability. By having your bird shipped you understand that the day Baby arrives might be a bit of a disruption to your day — but it will all be worthwhile when he/she is home safely and the two of you start bonding!

The airline handlers are very experienced working with animals in cargo and all areas the bird will be kept (my car on the way down to the airport, the airport holding area pre-departure, the plane itself, and the holding area after landing) are climate-controlled for their comfort and safety. I am pleased to report that to date we have never, ever had an issue shipping birds.

Within Ontario

As there is no ground shipping options for birds, pick-up is required for families travelling within the province of Ontario. I have had families make a day-trip in the past, leaving a few hours early and enjoying the opportunity to explore my beautiful town while they are here, or even staying overnight in one of the many local hotels or campgrounds.

At the present time we do not offer ground delivery service within Ontario. If you are outside of Ontario (but within Canada) your bird can be shipped on an airplane per the information above.


Regretfully, due to strict customs and border regulations, as well as hugely expensive fees associated with importing/exporting live birds properly, we are unable to ship birds outside of Canada with no exceptions. We recommend you reference our list of the Top Five Questions to Ask Your Bird Breeder as you do you research to find a reputable breeder in your area.