Visiting Appointments & Policies

When we are hand-raising chicks we welcome families who have placed a deposit on one of our babies to schedule a virtual visit using Zoom online. Visits can be centred around a scheduled hand-feeding (availability depends on the age of the chicks, as the hand-feeding schedule changes with each week of their development) or playtime with toys. The visit is 20-30 minutes in length. Questions about how the chicks are being raised, or the care they will require when in their new homes, are enthusiastically encouraged!

In order to participate you will require access to a computer, smart phone, tablet or other device connected to the internet. It is recommended to schedule the visit at a time you are home, as internet connections in public spaces can be unreliable with multiple users logging on at one time.

Availability for Zoom visits is Monday-Friday during daytime hours, excluding holidays. Due to a busy weekend schedule, I regret to be unable to offer visiting appointments on weekends. Appointments may be scheduled by email at

The visit is only with baby birds being hand-raised at the time. No adult birds will be made available for viewing, thank you for understanding.

Hand-Feeding Demonstrations

Our baby birds are fed several times each day, on a schedule, to ensure they have appropriate time to digest between meals. If you are interested in watching a hand-feeding during your scheduled Zoom visit please let us know and we will inform you of the chicks’ current feeding schedule so you can plan accordingly! 

Do be advised that as the chicks mature their feeding schedule changes to accommodate their needs for growth. As a result, hand-feeding times are subject to change without notice and there is no absolute guarantee of observing a hand-feeding during your visit.