Disease Testing & Health Precautions in Our Aviary

The health of our birds is our highest priority at Welcome Wings Aviary. Our aviary is disease-tested annually against the four major avian viruses: Pacheco’s Disease, Psittacosis, Polyomavirus, and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). To date we are proud of our clean record with all disease tests coming back “negative” since the beginning of our aviary. Still, we repeat testing every year as a precaution to ensure our flock remains healthy.

To protect the merit of our disease testing all new birds entering our aviary are quarantined off-site before being introduced to our Breeding Room. During their time in quarantine new birds are disease-tested and monitored closely for signs of illness. If they come to us on a diet that differs from what we feed we transition them slowly to our high-quality pellets and daily fresh veggies/fruit.

To avoid outside contaminants entering their airspace, and to reduce stress for our adult breeding birds (who are untame and naturally skittish of new human faces) we do not permit visitors to enter the Breeding Room. When we are hand-raising chicks they are brought into our kitchen, separate from the adult birds, and we welcome visitors by appointment to see them. More information on scheduling a visit with our babies is available here.

Your New Bird’s Health Guarentee

Birds sold by Welcome Wings Aviary are healthy to the best of our knowledge. The bird being purchased has come from a closed aviary that has been recently tested against the four major avian viruses: Polyoma Virus, Pacecho’s Disease, Psittacosis, and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease.

In the event your new bird dies within seven days of purchase, you have two options:

Option A: You may take the diseased bird’s body to a licensed avian veterinarian and have a necropsy conducted. If the results indicate a pre-disposed genetic condition including any of the four diseases listed above, to be the cause of death, I will request a copy of the results and then either refund the purchaser’s money in full, or replace the bird with another bird of equal value, as soon as one is available. There is no guarantee as to the sex or colouring of the replacement bird. Welcome Wings Aviary is not responsible for the cost of the necropsy or any other associated health tests or veterinary fees. 

Option B: If you would rather not have the necropsy conducted, Welcome Wings Aviary will offer a discount of 25% off the cost of a new bird from the aviary, as soon as one becomes available. 

This warranty is null and void in any of the following circumstances:

1. The bird had been banded and the band is removed. 

2. Anyone in the household smokes cigarettes, marijuana, or other substances inside the home. 

3. Other birds (any species) have resided in the home within the past six months, or currently reside in the home at the time the new bird is introduced, and proper quarantine procedures are not followed. Proper quarantine procedures include separate airspace (a separate room in the same house does not constitute separate airspace), dishes, toys, perches and cages.