Step 1: Join Our Waiting List

Have you done your research and decided to welcome a new bird into your family? We are so excited for you! Please contact us with a request to be added to our waiting list.

Step 2: Reserving One Of Our Babies

When we have baby birds hatch we will contact those on our waiting list, starting with those who have had the longest wait-time. Unweaned chicks may be reserved with a deposit of 50%. They will stay in our care until fully weaned and ready to go to their new families (see below for more information). As we only accept deposits on chicks whose colour and gender are known in advance, deposits are strictly non-refundable. When offered the opportunity to reserve one of our babies please consider carefully if that is the right time in your life to bring home a baby bird and, if so, please be sure which chick you would like to reserve.

Step 3: Plan A Virtual Visit to Our Aviary

Families who have placed a deposit on one of our babies are welcome to schedule a virtual visit using the online platform “Zoom”. There is no fee for the visit, and the entire family is welcome to participate.

Please note that the visit is only with chicks being hand-raised at the time; our adult birds will not be made available for viewing, thank you for understanding. More information about scheduling a visit is available here!

Step 4: Make Sure You’re Ready!

While your baby is finishing the hand-raising process, take a weekend to make a big batch of fresh Chop (recipe here) to stock the freezer, clean the bird’s cage (yes — even brand new cages should be wiped down to remove manufacturing dust and residue) and purchase the accessories you will need. Check out The Flock Shop for all-natural and bird-safe perches and cage accessories not found in traditional pet stores!

Step 5: Taking Home Your Baby

COVID-19 Update as it Relates to Socially Distanced Pick-Ups:

In following government requirements at this sensitive time of social-distancing we have implemented the following Pick-Up Policy:

Approximately a week before your baby bird is ready to go home we will contact you by email notifying you of the timeline and providing an opportunity to arrange a pick-up date.

When the big day comes and you arrive at our location please park on the street and phone 705-957-7200. While on the phone, and afterward, we ask that you respect our social distance by waiting at your car, and not coming to the door.

Our aviary representative will come outside to greet you and receive your travel carrier, if you brought one with you. At this time your final payment will be required and can be provided as cash by e-transfer (to Once the payment is received on our end we will transport your baby into the carrier you provided, or a ventilated cardboard box, and bring it out to your car, passing it through the car window.

While we appreciate some families may have had a long drive, regretfully our washroom is unavailable at this time. There are several local public washrooms in the city of Orillia, including a Tim Horton’s less than 1km from our location. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our part to help flatten the curve.

General Pick-Up Information:

Chicks will be made available to their new families when they are fully weaned and between the ages of 9-12 weeks, depending on the species and individual bird. All baby birds gain independence at their own pace and it is our policy never to rush them, but rather to allow them to wean naturally as is the best practice for their health. We do not sell unweaned babies; please do not ask.

When your baby is ready you will receive the email containing instructions to book a pick-up time easily and efficiently.

You have seven days (from the time this email is sent) to pick up your baby. If you are unable to come within that window you will incur a boarding fee ($10/day) starting on the 8th day. The boarding fee covers the cost of feeding and housing your baby, as well as our time continuing to train and socialize the bird daily. If you have not picked up your baby after 20 days from the time you were permitted to do so you will forfeit your deposit payment and the bird will be sold to someone else. Exceptions may be issued on a one-on-one basis with pre-payment of the boarding fee.

For pick-up your baby bird can be provided to you in a ventilated cardboard box for the initial ride home, or you are welcome to bring your own bird-safe carrier. Babies should remain in the cardboard box or carrier while in the car. Please resist the urge to take them out and play with them on the drive, even if you have other people in the car with you at the time of pick-up, as this is unsafe for both the bird and driver.

All babies leave Welcome Wings Aviary with their proof of DNA testing and a “Hatch Package” containing general care recommendations and information about the health guarantee. Please plan ahead and ensure you have purchased appropriate food for your baby. The pellet we recommend can be purchased here. We also recommend daily fresh vegetables, cooked lentils and cooked grains, prepared as outlined in this article.