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***NEW*** We are excited to offer locally made natural perches for your feathered friend.


Email you order to welcomewingsaviary@gmail.com using the subject line: “Bird Perch Order”. Payment is accepted by e-transfer or credit card. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs; we are happy to provide a quote.


Spend $100 (mix-and-match and of our perches) and receive your choice of FREE ONTARIO SHIPPING, or a special BONUS SURPRISE. Offer available until July 1, 2019.


In order to maintain good muscular health and circulation, birds should have a place to rest that enables their feet to be completely flat. Our rock perches are made of 100% locally sourced limestone, and each is unique in shape and colour. All edges are filled for safety. These perches are durable (will outlast every other perch in your cage), extremely easy to clean, all natural, and help file nails and beaks.

Tiny (2-3″): $15

Small (4-5″): $25

Medium (6-7″): $30

Medium Corner Mount: $35

Large (8-9″): $40

Large Corner Mount: $45



Locally and organically grown, pesticide-free, cleaned and baked lilac branches are a wonderful addition to your bird’s cage.  Larger birds love to pick away the bark, while smaller birds enjoy running back-and-forth along these branches.

Small: (3/4″ diameter x 12″ length): $8

Medium (1″ diameter x 12″ length): $12

Large ( 1.5″ diameter x 12″ length): $15


Large birds will benefit from the mental stimulation and exercise as they chew the pine wood, while smaller birds will cuddle together for a peaceful nap. These perches can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Small (3″ x 4.5″): $10

Medium: (4.5″ x 6″): $15

Large: (6″ x 9″): $20