Our waiting list has reached capacity and is closed. Please try again in year 2022, or inquire with us for a referral to another breeder. Contact us here!

As is standard in the avicultural industry our pricing is based on the bird’s colour, with the rarity and complexity of genetics being the leading factor. We believe all colours are beautiful and encourage you to let us guide your selection of bird based on individual personality traits that shine through in their first weeks of life. That said, we do certainly understand the variety of reasons a particular colour may be important to you and are happy to add your preference to our notes. Those with specific colour preferences may experience longer wait times for a bird from our aviary, as Mother Nature doesn’t always give us the colours we seek at any given time.

  • Normal (bright green, colour found in the wild) $250
  • Olive Green $250
  • Creamino (ivory) $250
  • Slate (grey) $250
  • Lutino (yellow) $300
  • Turquoise $350
  • Cobalt (dark blue) $350

*Please note that prices of birds are subject to HST.

In the video above you can see some of our 8-week-old Linnies enjoy a playtime before leaving for their new families. We wean them onto a variety of healthy seeds, pellets, fresh fruit and veggies before they head to their new families!

Watch our 8-week-old baby Linnies leave the safety of their cage and siblings to fly to my hand as I try to film them! Hand-raising creates very trusting birds from the beginning of their lives, setting their new families up for success.

In this video watch me handfeed two 7-week-old Linnies. At this age they only take a little bit of formula because they are eagerly trying so many “adult” foods!