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One Day Closer To Spring

The birds are all gearing up for spring. At this time of year my goal is convince the birds, who are housed indoors, that springtime is nearing. I increase the protein and nutrient levels in their diets to mimic the abundance of food that comes with increased rainfall and warmer temperatures. Similarly, I extend the duration of overhead lighting they receive to suggest longer days approaching. The most important change, however, is the re-introduction of nests and nesting materials.

Similar to newlywed couples, it takes time for the birds to move into their new homes and establish a routine before they will consider starting a family. Generally, this can take several weeks and therefore the process begins well in advance of the “breeding season”. I begin by filling the lower half of the nest boxes with pine shavings, fine string, coconut thread and paper shredding to inspire the birds. They remove all of the materials and start again, without my assistance, using the same materials and anything else they can find in the environment, often including their own plucked chest feathers.

Once the birds are convinced they have built the perfect nest, the eggs are soon to follow!

We are expecting Quakers, Conures, Turquoisines, Caiques and perhaps Gouldian Finches this springtime! Please keep an eye on this page for regular updates, or CONTACT ME for specific information about being added to our waiting list.

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