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Tropical Turquoisines

Turquoisines (or “Turks”, as they are sometimes referred) are the hidden gems of the bird world. Their brilliant colouring is truly a marvel to behold, especially when the sunlight shines on their feathers, bringing out the iridescent glow. These beauties are not common in pet stores and thus are one of the lesser-known species that exists. While some aviculturalists raise Turquoisines as untame aviary birds, I enjoy these little ones as pets and thus choose to hand-feeding all of my chicks from the age of 3-weeks-old. As pets they are calm, enduring, gentle companions.


Photographs supplied from online sources, as demonstration of the colouring in Turquoisines.

Just like the average Budgie, these birds have a lifespan of approximately ten years in captivity. They are incredibly quiet, making only a melodic “peep-peep” sound on occasion. Their itsy-bitsy voices make Turquoisines ideal pets for those living in apartments, tenants or close neighbours. Like other similar species, neither gender of Turquoisines are known to learn English words.

Turquoisines need a spacious cage to be happy, as they love to fly from perch to perch, making use of their entire space. Oftentimes, I will see one of my Turquoisines sitting on the ground, while another is hanging upside-down from the cage roof!

If you are interested in a quiet companion and wish to be on my “waiting list”, please inquire.



$200 each

Turquoisines are sexually dimorphic, meaning that someone experienced can tell the difference between a male and female bird simply by the visual appearance. Having said this, the indicating feathers are sometimes slow to appear…in rare cases they actually emerge once the bird goes through it’s first “molt” (replacing feathers) around the age of six months.
If you would like a 100% guarantee of the gender, I am happy to arrange a DNA test, at a cost of $25.