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Quirky Quakers!

More Babies Expected in Spring, 2018. Please inquire if you wish to be added to my waiting list.

They say there’s nothing more fun than a barrel of monkeys… but there is!  A Quaker Parakeet!

Oh, my gosh, these guys are a riot!  What a party they are!  Beautiful, chunky, big-eyed, busy birds!  Quakers are curious, chatty, playful, industrious buddies!  Both genders make great pets! The traditional colour found in the wild is green with a grey tummy, however adventurous breeders are introducing new colour mutations including varying hues of blue, yellow and white.

Life is never dull with a Quaker in the house!


Green $400

Green Opaline $500

Blue $500

Blue Opaline $800  

Lutino (yellow) $800

Aqua $1000

Cobalt – To Be Announced



DNA gender testing INCLUDED, as I feel it is important to know the gender of your baby.