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Pacific Parrotlets

No Parrotlets are available at this time. More babies are expected in Summer, 2019.

At only 5″ in length, what these cuties lack in size they make up for in PERSONALITY! Busy, playful, and full of surprising antics, a Parrotlet will keep you laughing all day! They love anything that moves, and will trapeze through their cages like acrobats.

Parrotlets love to eat! The way to their hearts is definitely through their stomachs! Our pet Parrotlet,” Leroy” loved stealing Cheerios right out of the box when I wasn’t looking! Sliced apple and “Birdie Bread” are a favourite with my breeding pairs. Check out my bird-friendly recipes HERE.

Parrotlets are sexually dimorphic, meaning that the male appears visually different from the female. Males have royal blue streaks over their eyes, on their wings, and on their rump, above their tail.

While Parrotlets are available in a variety of colours, Welcome Wings Avaiary specializes in blue mutations, which are the most popular to pet owners.

Do be warned, these little guys can be a little bit feisty, and are therefore recommended for adult caregivers.



Blue  $200

Blue Fallow  $250

Blue Pastel  $250

Cobalt  $300

Mauve $300

Parrotlets are sexually dimorphic (meaning it is easy to tell whether a bird is male or female simply by looking at them.) DNA testing available for $25/bird if buyer wishes it.


This video shows how tame our babies are; as soon as the cage door is open, not only are they running to greet me, but some even fly to my hand (as it holds my iPhone, for this video-taping!). Featured in the video are two colours: cobalt and blue.