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Lovely Linnies

No Linnies are available at this time. More chicks are expected in Summer, 2019.


Parrotlets and Lineolated Parakeets became popular as pet birds in recent years.  There has been a surge of interest in these “pocket parrots” and I have had the joy of owning both species.

Linnies are larger than the standard Budgie, and the average Parrotlet, but much smaller than a Cockatiel.  Does that help?  They are chunky in body, with a very short tail.  Linnies have huge, dark, melt-your-heart eyes, and striking black markings overlaying the main colour.  These are funny little ones:  they walk by placing one foot carefully over the other.  They flutter, but prefer to walk from perch to perch.

Linnies are naturally calm and gentle, and tame easily.  They are excellent birds for children, seniors, and everyone in between!  They can be a bit shy at first, which is part of their sweet appeal.  They have an unusual stance… somewhat hunched down, as opposed to sitting upright on the perch.  Linnies love to be spritzed with water, and will hang upside down to ensure every little feather gets a good soaking! Click HERE to see our “Alice” enjoying her shower!

The sound of a Lineolated Parakeet is very musical.  The chirps are melodious and gentle, and they are not prone to squawking.  Some Linnies learn to mimic our language.  As with all parakeets, appropriate toys are important to keep your new friend busy having fun!

All birds in my aviary have been tested against the four major genetic avian diseases by an accredited laboratory in Toronto. My birds are certified as 100% disease free. It is important to me that your new feathered friend goes home in perfect health.

Please let me know if you would like your name on my waiting list.


Bright Green $225

Olive $225

Turquoise (aka “Marine”) $250

Cobalt $250

Slate $250

Creamino $325

Lutino $325


Add $50 for any greywing mutation. All Linnies have black on the tips of their feathers, however edged mutations have a soft grey in its place. Greywing mutations can be found in green or blue birds.

DNA test INCLUDED, as I feel it is important to know the gender of your baby.