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Colourful Conures

More Babies Expected in Summer, 2019. Please check back, or request to be added to a waiting list HERE.

At Welcome Wings Aviary, we raise the Green-Cheeked Conure in a variety of colour mutations. These little ones exhibit bubbling-over personalities, and are full of friendly charm. Conures are playful, chatty, a bit loud at times, and always ready to party!  They love attention and are a delight to own. They love water (as you can see from “Ricky”, who is in the video below!), as it instinctively reminds them of the Amazon rainforest.

All birds in my aviary have been tested against the four major genetic avian diseases by an accredited laboratory in Toronto. It is important to me that your new feathered friend goes home in perfect health.

Green-Cheeked Conure PRICING: 

Standard/Normal $250

Yellowside $300

Cinnamon $300

Pineapple $350

Turquoise $400

Turquoise-Yellowside  $450

Turquoise-Pineapple $450  

Single-Factored Violet (extremely rare; parents were an international import) $2500 each when available


DNA gender testing INCLUDED, because I feel it is important to know the gender of your baby.