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More of “My Story”

The past year, since June 2014, has been rather surreal for me.  It is well known that pets are therapeutic for us humans, but on a personal level, my birds are my passion and my purpose.

Currently, I have 10 pair of breeder birds, and my Sensational Six pet parrots.  During the past year, I have gone from three pets to four, then six.  I now have one Congo African Grey named Emma, two Meyers parrots named Marco and Dinah, a cockatiel named Willow, a Green Cheek Conure named Cassie, and a Dusky Conure named Forrest.  Have I missed anyone?

When I underwent open heart surgery in 1983, my budgie coaxed me through a long, boring recovery.  For a different reason, I am facing open heart surgery this Summer.  Due to my exhausting symptoms, I am unable to do much of anything in a day, but my birds come first!  They are my priority and my survival on a daily basis.  I love having hours and hours each day, to play!  My sensational six see me all day long, and every bird gets one-on-one time with me.  Four of my pet parrots’ cages are in my home office, and two are in the family room.  I move birds among different cages so they get a scene change and a new world of perches and toys.  I am seldom without a parrot perched on me!

While I am in hospital, I know I can trust my darling daughter to keep the aviary running smoothly, and ensure the new chicks are fully fed and adequately warm!  I have taught her well.  It will be great to take a “holiday” in Toronto, and not have to worry about my beloved birds (thanks, Elaine!)

I cannot imagine my life without my birds, and dread the day when I will be forced to give them up.  I pray that will be a very long time from now.  In the meantime, I encourage you to spend as much time and attention on your feathered pets as you can.  Like flowers with water, your babies will bloom when you shower them with love!


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