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Linnies and Pearly Conures Have Arrived

Welcome Wings aviary is pleased to welcome our newest additions to the flock!

Sam and Sally were excited to hatch five Lineolated Parakeets, last week. One chick will be Creamino (ivory), and the remaining four will be various shades of blue.

During the same week, my pair of Pearly Conures also started their family, hatching two little ones. Although I am familiar with the species in general, these babies are the first Pearly Conures to hatch at Welcome Wings Aviary. Very exciting! The parents are especially protective, refusing to move when I open the nesting box to check on the chicks. This is a sign that the chicks will be very strong and healthy, as they are receiving good care even before they are in my hands.

Please note that all seven chicks already have loving families waiting until they are fully weaned and ready to go home. If you would like to have a Linnie or Conure in your life, simply request to be added to the waiting list for Autumn, 2016. Anyone on the waiting list receives first choice in reserving a chick, and has access to regular updates on their progress.




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