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Bird Toys and Supplies:

Welcome Wings Aviary will be offering a line of custom all-natural perches starting late-June, 2018. In the meantime, please contact welcomewingsaviary@gmail.com directly for more information about products that will be offered, and to place a pre-order.

Things For Wings

Looking for hand-crafted artisan bird toys to spruce up your bird’s cage? Things For Wings is my go-to for creative toys that my flock LOVES! All toys are produced in a bird-free facility using only safe, non-toxic and high-quality materials. They are based in British Columbia, but ship across Canada. Just be careful — you’ll want to spend WAY too much money when you see their fantastic website!


Exotic Wings and Pet Things

Cages, perches, toys, food — they have it all! Located in the Waterloo Region, only minutes from the famous St. Jacob’s Market, this retail and online store serves the bird community in a way traditional pet stores do not. While they do have a small section dedicated to other pets including dogs and cats, birds are their main priority here! All of our powder-coated cages (including the “KINGS” line) at Welcome Wings are from Exotic Wings and Pet Things.


Parrotdise Perch

A bird specialty store in the heart of the GTA. Your source for bird accessories, perches, play  stands, toys and toy-making supplies.


RoudyBush Canada

At Welcome Wings we believe that a varied diet is important for the overall health and mental stimulation of your feathered friend. One of the foods we feed daily is RoudyBush Maintenance, available direct through the manufacturer or some select retail pet store locations (including Things For Wings, and Exotic Wings & Pet Things, listed above)


Nail and Wing Trimming Services:

Exotic Wings and Pet Things, Waterloo Region, Ontario

Heaven’s Lil Darlings Aviary, Whitby, Ontario – Contact Marianne through her aviary Facebook Page to request an appointment. Marianne also trims beaks by request.


Avian Veternarians

Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic – ask for Dr. Yee (she’s awesome!)

Guelph University Avian and Exotic Department

**Disclaimer:  Several avian veterinarians do exist in Ontario and beyond. I am referring only to clinics with which I have worked in the past and had an exemplary experience. While I can confidently vouch for each of these veterinarians, please keep in mind that they do not work for me and therefore I am not accountable for your personal experiences with them. When considering the health care of your feathered friend, ensure your chosen veterinarian is certified in exotic animals (and specifically avian!) and that you take time to visit their facility, read reviews from their past clients, ask about pricing of common services, and speak with them directly BEFORE your pet needs their assistance.


Bird Clubs

Durham Avicultural Society 

York Region Parrot Club 

Budgerigar And Foreign Bird Society



Flashback Photography

All of the photography on this website was provided by Flashback Photography, a wedding and portrait studio serving Southern Ontario and across Canada. Family portraits, engagements and weddings.


Website Design:

Do you love our site? Are you looking for a website for your own small business? Contact flashbackphoto.elaine@gmail.com or call 705-957-7200 for details. Services quoted on an individual basis.