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In Full Swing!

I have been busy staring at the one Linnie chick.  It grows right in front of my eyes!  Now in a brooder to keep warm, I am hand-feeding it and it is doing very well and gaining weight.  It is able to support its body weight on its wobbly legs, and hold its head up.  Successfully banded, it is on its way to becoming a very friendly pet!  The grey fuzz is just starting to give way to what looks like green feathers… a few more days will tell me if it is green or olive.

In the meantime, Heidi and Nigel are far from being “empty nesters”!  They are busy in their wee home, sweeping the floor and rearranging furniture to prepare for their new family to arrive.  Clare and Nathan are not going to let the neighbours win, so they are hiding in their nestbox and I’m not daring to peek!

Roxie and Ricky are playing the same game, so my aviary is very busy!

I will be getting the Quakers started at the end of the month.



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