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Happy Homes for Our Linnies

It truly warms my heart to send our baby birds off to their new homes. The most recent clutch of Lineolated Parakeets was especially special, as it is the first since myself (Elaine Welbourn) took over control of Welcome Wings Aviary from my mother, Lori. I have been raising baby birds alongside my mother since I was five years old, but now can proudly say that I’ve produced some stunningly beautiful little ones on my own.

Linnies make fabulous pets for anyone, at any age. In fact, in this most recent group of Linnies, one stayed right here at Welcome Wings, one went to a 10-year old girl and her mother, another to a grandmother, and a fourth to a young couple recently engaged (which was a surprise gift from the man to his fiancée!). While I certainly do get emotionally attached to these cuties during the weeks of hand-feeding, it is so rewarding to see all of them in homes where I am confident they will be the centre of attention!

More Linnies are expected in Spring, 2016. Please check back here, or contact me directly if you are interested in being added to a waiting list.

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