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Happy Father’s Day!

My feathered fathers in my aviary don’t have time to go out to dinner, today!  They are too busy helping their mates prepare the nurseries for the hatchlings!

I am thrilled to see four eggs (so far) with one pair of my Quakers!  Tula is a dilute blue, and Thomas is blue.  Babies in varying depths of blue, expected.

Nigel is taking very good care of Heidi.  Their first chick, “Aussie” met his new family, yesterday, just in time for Father’s Day!  Heidi is guarding her five new eggs, carefully.  Marine and olive Linnie chicks, expected.

Nathan, not to be outdone by Nigel, has stepped up to the plate and is taking care of his future family, also!  Claire is waiting for the hatch of her three chicks; cobalt and marine Linnies, expected.

I am waiting, ever so anxiously, for Ricky and Roxie to show off their three baby Conures!  Roxie won’t let me peek and I never seem to be there when she gets off the nest for a moment.  Cinnamon and yellowside Green Cheeks, expected, SOON!






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