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Hand-shy and Biting Parrot Pets

It seems most parrot species have been given a label as being “shy” or “nippy” or “one-person birds” (my personal favourite).

At Welcome Wings, myself, my daughter and husband whom I drag into the birdhouse, handle and cuddle the baby birds every day they are with us.  When you take home your new precious pet, you will have already held it in your hands.  Your bird will be social and tame and super sweet.

Certainly, some species explore more with their beak than others and some are a bit more cautious.  The most important thing to do to avoid extremes of behaviours developing is to love and handle your new bird every day, with the same enthusiasm as on the first day.  Often with dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets when the novelty wears off… the “honeymoon” phase of getting a new pet… or when adolescence comes along (ah… there’s that nippy stage!) people quit because they don’t want to bother having to cope with challenges or they don’t know how.

I am passionate about my birds and their babies, and I want your situation to be successful for all involved.  It is my pleasure to coach you on how to avoid mistakes and how to correct them, as long as you are willing to listen and learn.  Your bird has a long life ahead of it and I want you to have a long relationship with it.  There are very helpful online forums and websites and books to help you learn to understand your bird’s behaviours.  Unlike dogs and cats, parrots are not domesticated creatures.  Even though they are bred and raised in captivity, we live in their world and we must learn to fit into it smoothly, and to accept full responsibility when things go wrong.



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