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Safe “Human Foods” For Birdie!

Safe “Human Foods” To Share With Birdie!

*** This list is not exhaustive, by any means. Before offering your bird anything other than the items listed below, consult a veterinarian or other credible source. Try to buy organic food that has not been sprayed with harmful pesticides, and make sure all food is washed thoroughly before giving it to your bird. Remove uneaten portions within three hours in order to avoid bacteria growth. ***


-broccoli (excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin A)

-yellow beans

-green beans

-brussel sprouts


-kale (excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin A)



-romaine lettuce

-dandelion greens (unsprayed! No pesticides!)

-beet greens


-bell peppers (all colours)


-peas (washed pea pods are also acceptable)



-baby bok choy

-mustard greens

-jalapeno peppers (yes, birds love spice!)


-apples (no seeds or pits)





-dragon fruit

-fresh coconut meat

Other Ideas

-hard-boiled egg

-scrambled egg

-quinoa, cooked

-barley, cooked


-sunflower seeds (only as a treat, as they are so high in fat content)

-whole-grain cereal without sugar coating

-whole grain pasta, cooked

-unsalted crackers (feed sparingly, as a treat)