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Bringing Up Baby

Your baby bird is raised with gentle hands from three weeks of age. I feed my chicks everything wonderful to give them a healthy variety of foods to help them grow “big and strong!”

When they are removed from the nest, they are in a temperature and humidity controlled brooder (on my kitchen counter!) while their feathers develop and unfurl. During this time, they are syringe and/or spoon fed baby bird “pablum” on a regular schedule, all-day, every day. Click HERE to see a video of hand-feeding.

At about five weeks of age, they are moved into a cage in my home-office, and the baby buffet begins. Common foods at this stage include eggs, quinoa, millet, brown rice, beans and lentils, grains, greens, seeds, corn, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and crushed pellets.

At the age of seven weeks, the chicks are relocated to a larger cage where they learn to perch, fly and play with toys. This is a vital stage, as it helps them build self-confidence and muscular strength. I can begin to see personalities shaping and select certain youngsters to families that would be the most ideal fit.

I watch them all very carefully, to ensure they are developing normally, and getting plenty to eat. I handle each chick several times, daily, so everybirdy gets belly rubs and kisses and learns that the human hand is a safe place to be!