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Everybirdie is Growing!

The two Pearly Conure chicks, and five Lineolated Parakeet chicks, have begun their journey through the hand-feeding process. The chicks are approximately two weeks of age now, and are being fed five times daily by myself. This constant exposure to humans will make them very friendly pets, as all they will ever know is that people offer love, kindness…and FOOD!

The oldest Pearly Conure reminds me of a dinosaur — he/she stands on his/her tippy-toes and reaches WAYYYY up, stretching the neck as high as it will go, before laying on the ground, exhausted by the effort! So cute!

All babies are growing well, and gaining weight daily. Some already have their eyes open, however the majority are not yet at this stage. They will reach their full adult size in approximately 5 weeks, with the tail growing to its full length the following week.

As a reminder, all of these birds have already found loving homes. Therefore, none are for sale currently. If you are interested in a future chick from Welcome Wings Aviary, please contact me and request to be added to the waiting list.

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