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Early Bird Gets The…Turquoisines!

You know you love birds when….

Though the magic of the internet, I was excited to connect with a fellow bird breeder who was looking to sell three female Turquoisine Parakeets. I adore the species for their brightly coloured plumage, soft melodic voices, and gentle nature. They are quite rare, with very few breeders actively working with them, and thus I was thrilled to have made the connection.

The following day, they were carefully transported into a carrier and sent via airplane from Grand Prairie, Alberta, to the Pearson International airport in Toronto, Ontario.

This morning at the wee hour of 3:30am, my best friend and I were already on the road. I had the easy job of resting and enjoying the ride, while she kindly drove the 3-hour round-trip. The birds flew overnight, arriving at 5:50am. I was there to meet them shortly after they landed (oh, the irony…birds flying using human-made “wings” instead of their own, that gives me a chuckle!)

Now, I know some of you are thinking the same thing I was: Oh my gosh, those poor little birds must have been terrified! Well, rest assured that not only were they all alive and well, but they were twittering away, clearly quite amused by the whole experience!

In general, Turquoisines are very calm, docile little companions. Even untamed “Turks” are rarely fazed by stressful situations, such as routine nail clipping or environmental changes. Despite their level-headed temperament, I was still surprised to see how well they handled the journey. A big “thank you” goes out to their breeder as well as the team at Air Canada, for packing them so safely and handling them with such care.

I am pleased to announce that “Daisy”, “Rosie” and “Lily” are quite content as Ontario residents! I look forward to finding them some handsome mates for the next year.




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