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The Name Game

Let me count:  I have 30 birds, currently (I think!) and each is named.  My daughter has four pet rabbits.  We have two dogs.  Around our house, we constantly play The Name Game! Like most games, it is getting more challenging as the stakes get bigger.  Our pets are family, and we have a “thing” (for […]

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Baby Budgies are here, again!

I am thrilled with my new round of chicks!  There are lots of peeps and cheeps in the bird room.  I was totally surprised to see an Albino budgie; very cool! Diane and Dawson are newby parents and very proud of their babies.  She is a cinnamon-green and he is turquoise, so the chicks should […]

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Hand-feeding baby birds is an amazing thrill!  Their fragility is unimaginable.  Watching them grow each day and seeing the colours develop as feathers unfurl is so much fun! Things get tricky, though, when chicks decide they want to eat on their own… then don’t.  Enter, Houdini.  This little guy has been my big challenge with […]

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