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Aviary Update!

I can’t keep up with the flock!  Whohoo!

Heidi and Nigel’s chick is thriving.  I am handfeeding it 6 mls. of birdie pablum, four times/day.  Heidi and Nigel are busily back in their nestbox.


Hand-feeding Linneolated Parakeet Chick


In the meantime, my Marine and Cobalt Linnies (Clare and Nathan) have a beautiful new egg, smack dab in the middle of the nest!  Perfect!  It has been so sweet watching him feed her.  They have done this outside the nestbox and I have caught them in the act!  (Heidi and Nigel were more private about it all!)

Roxie and Ricky have been hiding in their nestbox, too!  I don’t dare peek… not just yet.

I have two new kids on the block:  Abby and Allan.  She is a pineapple green cheek Conure and he is a pineapple/turquoise green cheek Conure.  They will get to know each other through the year, and get married next Spring!




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