This page was last updated on: June 17, 2021


We have two male High Red Yellowside Green Cheeked Conures ready to go. They are fully weaned and approximately 13 weeks in age. We typically sell High Red Yellowside babies for $450+HST, however are asking only $375+HST each for these boys hoping to get them into their permanent home a little faster, before younger babies require the cage they are using. Please contact us for more information or to reserve one of these lovely males, pictured below.

We also have LOTS of babies currently being hand-raised who are ready for reservation — some males, some females and many colour choices. Please email for a current list of available youngsters.


Green-Cheeked Conures – yellowside, pineapple, cinnamon, wildtype, turquoise, violet mutations. Please contact us!

Quakers – blue, blue opaline (waiting list is at capacity and therefore closed to new additions, sorry)


We have Green-Cheeked Conures on eggs (currently expecting Yellowside, High Red Yellowside, Pineapple, High Red Pineapple and Violet mutations), with additional pairs of them showing interest in starting their Spring families. We are accepting a waiting list for babies late Spring and into Summer 2021. Please contact us!


Our Budgies and Linnies are enjoying a well-deserved rest period after the busy summer breeding season. They look forward to welcoming new families in Summer of 2021.

The waiting lists for Quakers, Linnies and Budgies have reached capacity. We are not accepting any new names added to these lists. The waiting list for Green Cheeked Conures remains open at this time.

This is the most up-to-date information available from our aviary.