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Adding to The Flock

I am very strategic about choosing the birds that are brought into my aviary. For each species I breed, I look for parents that will provide the best combination of colour, temperament, bone structure/size, and lineage. Often, this means travelling to purchase the birds I feel are the best fit. Thus, I drive far and wide for birds on a regular basis. In the past two months alone, I have been to the Niagara Falls region (6-hour round-trip), Waterloo (5.5 hour round-trip), Brampton (3.5-hour round-trip), and, most recently, the Ottawa region (6-hour round-trip).

Yesterday my father and I packed up his SUV and drove straight through to the Ottawa region to purchase nine Lineolated Parakeets for the breeding program. In the group were a rainbow of colours including various shades of Green, Marine/Turquoise, Cobalt/Blue, Slate/Grey and Lutino/Yellow.

Soon I will upload a photo taken of the birds on the trip home. Until then, safe travels!


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