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Frequently-asked Questions

Hopefully these will help you!

For the safety of your pet, and to keep the bird tame, I recommend trimming the first few flight feathers on each wing. This should not be done until your pet is at least eight weeks of age.

Your baby bird has been raised on both! Either is acceptable, in my opinion. If feeding a seed-based diet, a vitamin supplement should be added to the drinking water. While seeds provide natural foraging activity, pellets are a complete diet. I recommend HAGEN seed, and Mazuri pellets. Be sure to supplement your pet's diet with healthy additions, such as apple, lettuce, broccoli, etc.

Your bird needs plenty of shut-eye! Twelve hours of daylight, and twelve hours of quiet darkness will keep your pet healthy and in great spirits! Excess daylight hours will throw your bird into a continuous moult which is stressful on its system.

The bigger, the better! Your friendly fellow will love to hop, flap, and fly! Rotate toys to keep your little one having fun. Be certain there aren't any rings or strings to catch tiny toes.

Please note: effective November 30, 2018, pick-up of birds in Orillia, Ontario, is no longer available. Pick-up will be offered in the city of Peterborough, Ontario, moving forward.

We appreciate your understanding!