Welcome! Won't you join me, for a cup of tea?

Welcome Wings Aviary was born out of one woman’s love of all birds and desire to share her passion with everyone she met. That woman was my mother. My hero. My inspiration. You would have loved her.

I grew up surrounded by the melodic songs of Canaries, the bright plumage of Budgies dancing in the cage, and the soulful eyes of Lineolated Parakeets looks back at me. From my mother’s arms I watched as tiny new souls peeked out from behind an eggshell, exhausted from the tremendous effort of breaking free. They were slimy and alien-like and a kind of cute only a bird would appreciate but they were ours, and they were here. 

I’ll admit I haven’t always been a “bird person”, and when I unexpectedly inherited my mother’s beloved flock I tried to give them away, finding myself unable to look at them without the reminder of her absence. I was only 21 and in my third year of university, just trying to figure my life out. Birds didn’t have a place, did they?

As I posted the advertisement for my mother’s breeding pairs I realized I knew them on a far more personal level than I had ever considered previously. They each had a story that brought them to our home and I had been there for every long road trip, every pit-stop lunch on the way, every song-too-loud in the car. I knew their personalities and I recognized them by their call — “oh, there goes Ricky” I’d say when my mother’s first Conure would shout with glee at a new day beginning. 

These weren’t just birds. They were her birds. They were our birds. I suddenly found myself unable to let them go. 

With the unwavering support and partnership of my father, Welcome Wings Aviary has grown to be one of the largest companion parrot breeding facilities in Canada. We take pride in producing healthy babies, hand-raised and carefully socialized from a tender age. I spend many hours with them one-on-one, and keep them centrally located in my home where they are exposed to all of the sights and sounds they may encounter with their new families. 

I would love to tell you more about our beautiful flock. Please take some time to look around our website and when you’re ready, I’m here to chat birds anytime!

– Elaine